Frequently Asked Questions

There are 10 bike lockers in the Marketplace Parking Garage, accessible from Cherry Street or Bank Street. Five of the lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis and cost $0.25 per use. The other five can be rented longer term - $30 per month for up to six months. For long-term rentals and more information contact the Department of Public Works at 802-863-9094 or visit

Bike lockers are also available at the Local Motion Trailside Center, 1 Steele Street (near King and Battery Street). Proceeds from locker rentals support Local Motion’s mission. Local Motion members get 10% off! For more info, contact Local Motion at 652-2453 or trailside [at] localmotion [dot] org. Those bike lockers are provided in partnership with Chittenden County Transportation Authority and Main Street Landing Company.

The new markings are shared lane markings, or "sharrows." Sharrows are bicycle symbols that are placed in a vehicular travel lane on a designated bicycle route that is too narrow for a motor vehicle and a bicycle to travel side by side within the same traffi c lane. Unlike bicycle lanes, shared lane markings do not designate a particular part of the road for bicycle use. Shared lane markings provide a visible cue to bicyclists and motorists that bicyclists are expected and welcome in the roadway. Find out more from Burlington's Department of Public Works:

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bike and flowersThe Community and Economic Development's Center for Community and Neighborhoods produces postcard-sized brochures that residents may carry to leave on the windshield of vehicles that block sidewalks. You may also call the Police Department at 802-658-2704.

Contact Deryk Roach with the Burlington Department of Parks & Recreation at 802-540-2544 or droach [at] burlingtonvt [dot] gov to let them know about the issue. You can also use SeeClickFix to report an issue at

Call the Burlington Police Department to report the incident. You could also tap into our community networks such as Front Porch Forum or other online resources to report your loss and ask for assistance in locating your property.

At this time, bike registration is not required in the City of Burlington. You can register your bike with an independent bike registration service, but neither Burlington Police Department nor Local Motion offers this service. The best theft protection is to write down your bike's description/serial number and then lock your bike with a U-lock.

One option is to put your bike on a CCTA bus (all buses have racks that accommodate two bicycles) and ride the bus up the hill. The College Street Shuttle is a free bus which also has a bike rack. The bike ride back downtown is then just an easy coast down the hill. Another option is to consider bicycling up the hill using one of the streets more to the north of downtown, such as Loomis, which aren’t quite as steep as say, Maple Street. If you choose to ride your bike to the top of the hill in Burlington, note that many institutions have facilities where you can freshen up upon your arrival.

All CCTA buses are equipped with easy-to-use bike racks, which hold two bikes. Each bike is held securely by a spring-loaded clamp, and the bikes don’t touch the bus or the other bike on the rack. There is no extra charge for bringing your bike on the bus, but you must load and unload your own bike.

Aside from the health benefits from the fresh air and exercise, many Burlington employers or groups actively encourage employees to walk or bike to work. Ask a personnel or human resources specialist at your workplace or your coworkers about walking and biking. Also check out the benefits offered by the Campus Area Transportation Management Association

You could also join the Bicycle Benefits program which allows you to take advantage of discounts at participating businesses. The concept is easy: purchase a $5 sticker, affix it to your helmet, then present it for your discount at more than 50 participating stores.

As part of the Safe Streets Collaborative, a hotline has been created at the Burlington Police Department. Call 802-540-2345 to report a reckless incident in Burlington. The Police will attempt to track down the person and explain the traffic laws.

Burlington's City ordinance allows cyclists of any age to ride on most sidewalks throughout the City. No one is permitted to bicycle on sidewalks within Burlington's City Center (an 8 square block area around Church St. bounded by Pearl St., South Winooski Ave., Main St., and Saint Paul St.), including the Church Street Marketplace.Sidewalk stencils have been placed within the City Center to indicate where bicycles may not be ridden on the sidewalks. Only children under the age of 16 are permitted to ride on the sidewalks within the Inner Fire District (bounded by King St., Grant St., Pine St., and Union St.).

If you choose to ride on the sidewalks, ride at slower speeds than you would on the street. Be prepared to stop at driveways and intersections, and dismount to follow the WALK/DON'T WALK lights at signalized intersections. Remember, pedestrians always have the right of way on sidewalks. Be courteous when approaching pedestrians from behind. Alert them to your presence by ringing a bell or saying that you are passing them. Ride defensively, always check for cars entering/exiting driveways, and use caution when crossing the street at an intersection. Riding in the same direction as traffic will improve your chances of being seen by a motorist.

All maintenance requests should be directed to DPW Customer Service at 863-9094 or customer [at] burlingtonvt [dot] gov.

All maintenance requests should be directed to DPW Customer Service at 863-9094 or customer [at] burlingtonvt [dot] gov.